DR Roto-Hog™ Power-Tiller

DR Roto-Hog Power Tiller


MODEL » Manual- or Electric-Start 9.00 Ft. Lbs Torque
Number of Tines 24
Tine Range 2-3/4" Above Ground; 7-1/2" Below Ground
Tilling Width 36"
Frame 12-Gauge 1.5" Tubular Steel
Wheels 14" Diameter x 5.5" Width
Battery 12-Volt 17-AMP/Hour
Actuator Cycles per Charge Minimum of 100 on a Full Charge
Hitch Type Pin Hitch remote control raises/lowers
tongue to height of your hitch
Machine Size 39"W x 66"L (Transport); 35"H x 77"L
(Wheels Extended, Tines at Full Depth)
Weight 259 lbs. Manual-Start; 264 lbs. Electric-Start
Engine 900 Series Briggs & Stratton OHV
Cylinders 1 Cylinder, (Cast-Iron Sleeve)
Air Filter Dual Element
Starting Manual Pull-Start or Electric-Starting
with Key at Remote Control Box
Fuel Capacity 3 Quarts
Machine Warranty 90 days commercial
Engine Warranty 90 days commercial

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Big, beautiful gardens.

The ROTO-HOG is built for tilling smooth, uniform, seed beds fast. With 24 tines churning across 36" and powered by a Briggs and Stratton overhead valve engine (9.00 ft. lb.s of torque), the ROTO-HOG covers twice as much ground as walk-behind tillers and easily busts through unbroken sod. It tows behind ATVs, riding mowers and tractors, for easy comfortable tilling.


  • Powered Actuator - The Actuator raises and lowers the wheels, which raise and lower the tines.
  • Remote Control - The Remote Control allows you to make precise adjustments to your tilling depth, turn the Spreader Attachment on and off, and raise/lower the Culti-packer Attachment without leaving your towing vehicle.
  • 24 Bolo Tines - Forged of tough tempered steel, these tines spin at over 230 rpm to dig up to 7-1/2" deep and mix soil completely.
  • Belt-Drive System - Transfers full power from the engine to the tines. Shear pins on the tine shaft are designed to protect the engine and engine shaft from damage.
  • SMOOTH-TRAKª Hitch - Our unique hitch absorbs shocks and jolts so that minimal forward motion from the tiller is transmitted to the towing vehicle for smoother and easier operation.
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Steel Frame - This frame is built to last under punishing conditions. Made of 1-1/2"square tubing and 12-gauge steel. Baked on powder coat finish resists corrosion.
  • Transport Tires - The tires are 14" in diameter and 5-1/2" wide for easy rolling during transport.

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