DR Powergrader

DR Field & Brush Mower

DR Power grader

MODEL » 48" Model
Frame Steel
Teeth Carbide-Tipped Steel, 12
Tires 8" diameter
Length 105" (including 3" tow hitch)
Width 48"
Weight 172 lbs.
Actuator Linear 4" Stroke
Battery 12-volt, 17-amp
Actuator Umbilical Cord 80"
Lowest Teeth Level 9/16" below ground level
Highest Teeth Level 9/16" above ground level
Leveling Blade Solid 3/8"-thick steel
Side Rails Solid 3/8"-thick steel
Recommended Towing Vehicle Minimum 14HP or 400 lbs.
Lawn Tractor, Garden Tractor, Utility Tractor, ATV, UTV
Machine Warranty 1-Year Commercial

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Smooth gravel driveways

Unpaved roads with potholes, ruts and washboard - are a fact of country life. Put a DR Power Grader to work and your bumpy ride is over. Tows easily behind a riding mower, ATV, UTV or tractor. It’s driveway maintenance made easy!

 Machine Overview

  • Carbide-tipped teeth penetrate hardpacked surfaces
  • Battery-powered actuator raises and lowers teeth
  • Wireless remote adjusts the height of the teeth
  • Leveling blade distributes loosened material evenly
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame
  • Power grader rolls on super-duty tires during transport
  • Dual hitch works with pin or ball hitches
  • Recommended towing vehicle: min. 14hp or 400 lbs.
  • Lawn tractor, garden tractor, utility tractor, ATV, UTV